Our People

Downtown Fort Worth Inc. Staff

Andrew Taft, President
Matt Beard, Director of the Public Improvement District (PID)
Beverly Burks, Production Assistant
Cleshia Butler, Office and Program Assistant
Sandi Cochrum, Production Assistant
Jay Downie, Event Producer
Brandi Ervin, Controller
Nicole Fincher, Marketing and Special Projects Manager
Becky Fetty, Director of Marketing and Membership
Diana Hahn, Festivals and Events Production Coordinator
Melissa Konur, Director of Planning
Shane Smith, Director of Research
Barbara Sprabary, Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Festival Production Staff 

Judy Beaumier, Entertainment Production Manager
Claire Bloxom Armstrong, Media Relations and Social Media Manager
Claire Brunner, Website Coordinator (Enilon)
Beverly Burks, Production Coordinator
L.D. Carroll, Grounds Maintenance Manager
Sandi Cochrum, Production Assistant
Maria Diss, Social Media Manager
Jay Downie, Producer
Charlie Duvall, Warehouse Manager
Diana Hahn, Production Coordinator
Dana Sudbury, DFW Professional Musicians Union
Katie Betik, Graphics and Design Manager (PAVLOV)
Lisa Hanks, Program Guide Designer
James Phillips, Finance and Beverage Manager
Melissa Phillips, Point of Sale Manager

Festivals & Events Advisory Committee

Larry Anfin, Coors Distributing Company
Marilyn Ackmann, Atmos Energy
Becky Renfro Borbolla, Mrs. Renfro’s Foods, Chairman
Marilyn Gilbert, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce
Tracy Gilmour, Sundance Square Management
Tyler Grant, Trinity Metro
Glen Hahn, Innovative Developers, Inc.
Marie A. Holliday, DMD , Flowers to Go in Sundance Square
Bruce Manguel, Hilton Fort Worth
Rachel Marker-Vogel, ARCTURIS
Gustavo Pena, BBVA/Compass Bank
Gloria Starling, The Capital Grille
Mitch Whitten, Fort Worth Convention and Visitors Bureau

Event Steering Committee

Milton Barnes, Artist Resources Committee Member
Judy Beaumier, Entertainment, Manager
Madeline Beaumier, Entertainment Assistant Manager
Claire Bloxom Armstrong, Public Relations and Social Media Manager
Shannon Bull, Merchandise Coordinator
Beverly Burks, Volunteer Manager
L.D. Carroll, Grounds Maintenance Manager
Sandi Cochrum, Artist Resources Manager
Jamie Cox, Hospitality Committee Member
Chip Diano, Honorary EMT
Jay Downie, Producer
Charlie Duvall, Warehouse Manager
Dana Ford, Artist Resources Committee Member
Dan Ford, Artist Resources Committee Member
John Gantt, Operations and Security Manager
Kris Gantt, Concessions & Artist Compliance Manager
Larry Gantt, Communications Manager
Diana Hahn, Production and Program/Volunteer Manager
Gary Hammer, Concessions Manager
Pat Hammer, Artist Resources Committee Member
Brian Harris, Security Assistant Manager
Marlo Hill, Hospitality Committee Member
Marilyn Kepner, Artist Resources Committee Member
Thomas Lake, Artist Resources Committee Member
Erma Lee, On Site Jury Manager
Reggie Mandoni, VIP Hospitality Assistant Manager
Fred McMeans, Hospitality Assistant Manager
Robbie McMeans, Hospitality Manager
Kaye Miller, Merchandise Manager
Robert Munoz, Block Captains Assistant Manager
Bob Paluck, Artist Resources Committee Member
Marion Paluck, Hospitality Committee Member
James Phillips, Finance Manager
Alex Reeves, Block Captains Manager
Larry Reeves, Communications Manager
Larry Rippin, Logistics, Assistant Manager
Ron Ronalder, Artist Resources Committee Member
Sally Ross, Artist Resources Committee Member
Dick Ruddell, Transportation Manager
Laura Sanchez, Logistics Manager
Mike Shambaugh, Logistics Assistant Manager
Harlan Streater, Customer Services Manager
Brett Tooke, Security Manager
Michelle Tooke, Medical Services Manager
Cathy Wilson, MAIN ST. Creates! Manager
Sabra Young, Artist Resources Committee Member