YanFang Inlow

I began learning needlework at the age of 8. At 19, I enrolled at the University of Art in China. During my time in college, I studied watercolor painting and embroidery and then I started creating my own images and I developed a passion for embroidery. This led me to Japan, where I studied Japanese embroidery at the Osaka Academy of Art and then at Kobe University where I earned a master’s degree. After completing my studies in Japan, I immigrated to the U.S. to launch my career as a fiber artist. I have been exhibited in the Smithsonian Craft Show, the Cherry Creek Art Show and others. I am honored to have received the Smithsonian Craft Show’s 2023 Gold Award.

Each of my pieces starts with a watercolor base on silk, which I then enhance with needle and thread hand embroidery. To express fine details, I split single silk strands. Each piece is one-of-a-kind artwork. For example, after completing an ocean scene, I might shift to depicting California poppies or a grassy landscape. I deliberately avoid creating the same subject repeatedly, even in different sizes, to keep my creativity fresh. I love natural scenes. Wildflowers, wild grasses and oceans are my favorite subjects. They bring peace and love.

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Alameda, CA