Sharon Tesser

While the pace of life seems to quicken daily, I create art which champions a slower and more deliberate cadence. My work celebrates the beauty of joy and serenity. The images are from my original sketches which are drawn during travels crisscrossing the country. Scenes of big skies and quiet cups of coffee are examples of moments that inform my artwork. I elevate the smallest moments that often pass unnoticed. Discovering those hidden gems are the backbone of my artist’s journey. The art in my mind’s eye is a mosaic of pattern and texture. I use vintage, recycled and hand dyed textiles as my palette. The use of cloth supports my commitment to recycling and offers soul to my art. The knowledge that when I transform fabric from a dress into a tree I have given that former garment a new life thrills me. My intention to tell stories and create beauty is enhanced by the role of the textiles. There is no greater pleasure as an artist than for people to see my work and feel joy or recall an endearing memory. I hope people will take in the images, draw a deeper breath and savor the moment. That pause is a key ingredient to a life well lived. I am grateful to make art that causes people to pause and hopefully smile.

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Louisville, KY 40205