Seth Vandable

I try to capture the intensity of the human spirit in compositions that are both innovative and timeless. I strive to make the human anatomy so extensive that my need for models is eliminated, making each sculpture a truly original creation. My sculptures are created using an oil-based clay. After the clay is complete, a mold is made and a wax duplicate is poured. The wax is dipped in a sand casting and eventually the liquid bronze is poured. Final layered hot patina is applied in the artist’s studio. I am always inspired and amazed by the people around me, becoming increasingly convinced that every individual I meet is a marvel in their own environment. My sincere wish is that through my work, people will recognize their own heroic nature. May they find hope through a sense of connection to all souls conquering life’s changes…reaching for the same dreams…succeeding with integrity and beauty.

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Cedar Hill, TX