Richard Wilson

When I make art, I want to capture the creative pulse of the human experience and reflect the beauty of the world. My love for art started at an early age watching and helping my artistic father hand paint signs, which lead me to a thirty-year career span as a productive professional artist, freelance and corporate graphic designer, and teacher at Pitt Community College. My works are created with the same hope to inspire the people who encounter it. Growing up in rural NC with a strong family network set the path for my art, and the things I treasure most are evident in my works. My art is a blend of figurative works that are inspired by my optimism and pride of my culture with inspiring and aspirational images from high achievers and icons to historic figures. It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to motivate, uplift, and educate people through my art. I’ve been honored with over 150 local, national, and international awards and recognitions, including the Pastel Society of America’s prestigious National Arts Club Award, The Pastel Journal Founder’s Award, and recognition in the Wall Street Journal as “one the most successful artist that you’re likely to meet.”

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Wendell, NC