Paul Banda

I’m a self -taught artist originally from Zambia, Africa. I’m a survivor of human trafficking, I was trafficked to Sherman, Texas, United States in 1998. After my rescue I moved to St. Louis, Missouri where I started my life from the scratch. I started using drawing as a way to copy what I went through and that developed into a huge interest in using color. Initially I used only shapes and numbers to show my thirst for education (early education is about shapes and numbers). I used this technic to create images of life in my compound in Zambia. A co-worker told me my painting was called pointillism and encouraged me to continue painting. I have incorporated other shapes like swirls and thick scratch technics. Most times I paint from memory but have used picture models my brother in Africa send to me using his mobile phone. I use them as a guide but still create movement and action in my depictions. Thanks!

Emerging Artist

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Katy, TX 77493