Paige Whitcomb

Paige Whitcomb is an artist living and working in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri. Paige creates photos using the traditional method of wet collodion photography with an authentic 19th century studio camera. This historic process allows for a single photo to be captured without any possibility of duplicating the image.
Paige received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Art History with a minor in Critical Methodologies to Literature from Missouri State University. Paige approaches tintype photography from an art historical perspective; she draws inspiration from the invention of the camera and the possibilities that came from artists being able to capture the world around them as they saw it, as opposed to the past way of attempting to recreate reality on canvas.
Paige creates tintypes to capture a staged fictional world, literally. Paige’s images are the opposite of modern photography; in a society where anyone can take a picture anywhere, her meticulously staged scenes allow the viewer to see the world through the artist’s perspective, which is often an allegorical view of modern culture. Paige’s intention is to have the observer question what century the image was taken, where, and why.

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Springfield, MO