Megan Clark

There is a magic to fine craft. Its conception doesn’t appear as though forced, but simply, it became. A well executed piece of art has the mystery of birth.
I began to work with metals in college, and enjoyed making jewelry because of its intimate scale and its relationship to the wearer. It is important to me that for centuries jewelry has been used not just for adornment, it has been used to encourage, congratulate and remind. It is a way for people to connect.
I hand fabricate my work because I enjoy being in contact with the materials. I believe that there is a duality to metal that is quite human: it is hard yet can be formed, it can be malleable yet brittle, it can be cruel yet forgiving. I bring these qualities to my work by contrasting strong shapes with delicate textures and patterns made primarily from 18K gold and sterling silver.
When I am dedicated to a piece, the world stops and I am present. My process is a moving meditation. My hope is that this will extend out to the wearer for generations to come.

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Durham, NC