Lauri Dunn-Peterson

In my artistic practice I am drawn to intricate geometric patterns. These patterns serve as a universal language of form, connecting us to the depths of history, science, and the wonders of the natural world. In creating work that explores these patterns I seek to convey the inherent beauty and profound significance of these geometric forms.

Throughout history, civilizations have woven geometric motifs into their artistic creations, from the intricate tilework of the Islamic world to the mesmerizing mosaics of ancient Rome. These geometric compositions bear witness to our innate desire to organize and understand the world around us. They mirror the balance and harmony that we instinctively seek, reflecting the mathematical underpinnings that govern our existence.

Through my artistic practice, I aim to pay homage to the historical, scientific, and natural wonders that have long fascinated humankind. I seek to create visual narratives that transcend cultural boundaries and touch the core of our shared human experience. By encouraging a deeper engagement with these designs, I hope to spark curiosity and inspire a renewed appreciation for the extraordinary beauty that lies hidden within the fabric of our existence. In this exploration, may we find solace, awe, and a profound connection to the interplay between history, math, science, and the wonders of the natural world.

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Denver, CO