Krista Hulsman

K.C. Hulsman’s photography seeks to immortalize with her camera that singular, fleeting moment of beauty and wonder so often found in nature.

She enjoys traipsing across the Texas countryside in pursuit of wildflowers, as well as capturing those quintessentially Texan shots from horses, to Texas Longhorns. Specializing specifically in nature photography inspired by the vivid colors and enlarged flowers of Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings as well as the impressionistic majesty of Claude Monet–the flowers, trees, and yes even the birds and the bees are often found within her viewfinder.

She just sees art around her everywhere and enjoys painting the world with the prismatic visions she finds behind her lens. She constantly looks to the photographic works of some of the masters of fine art photography: the monochromatic landscapes of Ansel Adams, the nature photography of Florian Schulz, the architectural visions of Andrew Prokos, and so many more.

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Hurst, TX 76054