Jimmy Hill

I am a Texas artist and musician, in my life creativity and expression has limitless forms. Art for me is staying in every moment, letting go for dear life, and when I am inspired to create something I use the creative tools I have on hand.
In my twenties I found myself working in a bronze foundry surrounded by many of the great sculptors of our time and tried to soak up as much technique as I could. Now each sculpture I create is a limited edition bronze, hand crafted through The Lost Wax Process, which is a dying art, with unique patinas that I create through heat and chemical application.
My sculpting process typically begins after I have drawn or painted a piece and I find myself wanting to explore the idea more, so I create it in a 3D form. I would describe my sculpture style as surrealistic, inspired by nature, music, theology and love and I have been highly influenced by the Middle Ages and Ed Roth. With each sculpture I hope to leave a permeant mark on the world that will evoke thought and emotion.

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Azle, TX