Jeribai Andrew-jaja

In my search for purpose, I discovered my unrivaled passion for the arts. I create my works using graphite and charcoal pencils because of the vibrancy the dark value brings in combinations with white backgrounds and the emotions I can create using black and white. My creative process consists of creating a composition with a muse (model) that perfectly fits the concept in my mind and then a photoshoot to serve as a reference. I draw from these reference images, and these are mostly hyper-realistic human portraitures that tell stories of my life experiences. Each portrait drawing takes a duration of 100 to 200 hours to complete, and I use variations of materials like charcoal powder, charcoal blocks, white charcoal, brushes, erasers, pencils, etc. I start with creating a grid pattern which helps me draw the outline proportionally. After this, I apply several layers of charcoal powder to get the desired value and then I start creating details and textures. The detailing accounts for over 80% of the total time spent and this make the drawings come to life. Ever since I realized I have this gift; it has been a burning desire to share it with the world to create a positive impact and fulfill my purpose. My art can be entertaining, therapeutic, educational, inspirational and in all, Friendly. I choose the portrait realism niche because I believe my works tell stories, stir emotions, and create conversations with the viewers.

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Fort Worth, TX 76052