Jason Sharp

My work as a woodworker is deeply seated in my love for the natural world. From the curves of a coastal white pine to the swirling eddies of flowing rivers, my work strives to mimic the lines of nature. I start by allowing the individuality of the wood to speak to me, and from that place each piece is born.

It all started in my grandfather’s woodworking shop. He was an engineer, wood worker and all around master of my attention. In the dark world of my grandparent’s basement, he and I built rubber band guns, ice fishing sleds, and a love for the craft of woodworking. Since those days in my grandfather’s workshop I have continued to develop my skills through a combination of self teaching and working with master craftsmen.

Prior to devoting my life to all things wood, I worked as a professional chef and restaurateur. Cooking in boutique restaurants I developed my eye for detail and appreciation for the necessity of quality ingredients. Just as the accuracy of knife cut and pan temperature create the perfect sear, sharp chisel work and precise saw cuts create the perfect joint. Many thanks!

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Boyne city, MI