Dolan Geiman

My inspiration comes from an early life spent exploring the woods around our Virginia cabin, and my themes reflect my ideas about man and nature and the struggle that exists between the two. Each mixed media sculpture is created using hand-carved wood, scrap materials & hand cut metal. Some elements are welded together to solidify the form, other pieces are screwed and nailed directly to my forms. Many of my pieces include hundreds of strips of metal which are cut using hand snips. All pieces make use of multiple materials such as wood, reclaimed metal, paint, found objects, sawdust, glue, and wire. In an era where man is increasingly reliant on technology, my work is a departure from the sterile world of iPhones and touchscreens, enriching the art viewing experience for patrons by allowing them an opportunity to experience something tangible and tactile.

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Englewood, CO 80110