Carl Zachmann

I was born and raised in West Central Minnesota where lakes and woodlands, meet the plains. As a child I visited many museums, both historical and artistic and when able, took various items apart to see how they worked. With the ownership of a small pickup at the age of 16, I began exploring abandoned farmsteads and scrap yards in the area, often returning with forgotten treasures, all the while participating in the local arts. With a passion for both history and the arts I received a Bachelors degree in Archaeology and a Minor in Art from Minnesota State University Moorhead and went on to receive a Masters degree in Historical Archeology from Illinois State University. My art is an expression of my overlapping passions for art and history, combined with my interest of “artifacts”, if you will, the Industrial Revolution, and all things mechanical. My kinetic sculptures explore the designs and textures of our industrial past. The raw and painted steel gears are put in motion and set against a static background of found metal that gives homage to the Industrial Revolution in an increasingly electronic world.

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Fergus Falls, MN 56537