Amy Walker

Rock hunting. Observing nature. Appreciating God’s beautiful creations. Transforming metal. Making people smile. Surprising someone. These are all things that inspire me to create.

Growing up I would beg our mom to take us to the local rock shop. There I would comb through stones like tiger’s eye, turquoise, and jasper to find a special rock that spoke to me. I also loved digging in the dirt and finding treasures in my own surroundings. Leaves, insects, or even old found objects were interesting to me. I imagined what I could create with all of the things I had found.

Not much has changed today. I still love spending time in observation, discovering all of the endless beauty, shapes, and forms in our world. I want to create jewelry that is a break from the norm. Using a variety of interesting colors and textures in new ways gives collectors a chance to have unique pieces that enhance their look while promoting a connection to nature. I have always felt that I am but a vessel co-creating through the flow of creativity. There is beauty all around us and I am happy to have a chance to bring these materials together and share them in a new and exciting way.

My process can begin with a beautiful natural stone that I have traveled to find, an interesting texture I observe or create, a shape or pattern that catches my eye, or an original design idea. Then I use a variety of tools in my studio to cut, file, torch, bend, and hand-craft one of a kind wearable art. I use primarily sterling silver in my designs with accents of brass, copper, and gold.

I fabricate each heirloom-quality piece in the Cultural District of Fort Worth, Texas. I offer unique, beautiful designs that compliment all looks while allowing you to express your one of a kind style. It is jewelry for all people. From out of the ordinary, bold designs to elegant daily-wear pieces, there is something for everyone.

I hope my art will bring fun and happiness to those who wear it. My purpose through my art is to bring awareness to the beauty of our world, from our creator, that surrounds us always.

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Fort Worth, TX