2017 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2017 Award Winners!

Our jurors have selected the following artists as Award Winners for 2017. Cash awards totaling $10,500 will be awarded to the winners in these categories, and they will be identified by award flags on Friday.  Make thee incredible artists your first stop over the upcoming weekend!

Booth # Name Medium Award Type
728 Marvin Blackmore Ceramics Best of Show
428 Thomas Diel Mixed Media Merit Award
423 Joachim Knill Painting Merit Award
426 Suzy Scarborough Mixed Media Merit Award
520 Richard Wilson Drawing Merit Award
306 Matthew Hatala Wood Merit Award
808 Bob McNally Wood Merit Award
313 Nicario Jimenez Mixed Media Merit Award
601 Tai Taeoalii Drawing Juror Award
511 Brad Ruppert Mixed Media Juror Award
818 Gena Ollendieck Leather Juror Award
515 Paveen "Beer" Chunhaswasdikul Ceramics Juror Award
456 Ruben Fasani Sculpture Juror Award
610 Amy Flynn Sculpture Juror Award
441 Nile Fahmy Metalwork Juror Award
330 Michael Schwegmann Ceramics Juror Award
623 Dolan Geiman Mixed Media Juror Award
420 Lisa Telling Kattenbraker Fiber Juror Award
325 Clifford Lounsbury Wood Juror Award
446 Jared Davis Glass Juror Award
421 Lance Munn Wood Juror Award
410 Jeffrey Zachmann Metalwork Juror Award
324 Richard Elkin Jewelry Juror Award
430 Anne London Drawing Juror Award
357 Matt Tumlinson Emerging Artist Best of Show - Emerging Artist